Jun 16

Parenting Tips: A is for Adolescence

When I first started out in private practice twenty years ago, I would often here people say to me “Jeff, you are really good at working with teenagers.”
What’s more, I would contemplate internally “Well, much appreciated, and I inhale well as well.”

I found that most specialists either don’t care for working with youngsters or are unnerved of them or both.
That approved of me in light of the fact that their apprehension and aversion truly helped me to fabricate my practice when I initially began.

Youth is not an ailment

You will once in a while hear or see me allude to the high school years as pre-adulthood. This is on the grounds that the term youthfulness makes the high school years sound like an illness or condition that should be cured.

Young people hurt in all the same spots as we do

Now and again we overlook that their battles are genuine on the grounds that the level of difficulties they face are so unique in relation to the level of difficulties we confront every day.
Here is a helpful approach to take a gander at this marvel – If you have a broken finger and I have a broken arm, my damage might be more extreme, yet your finger still damages like there’s no tomorrow.

One recommendation to bring with you

I said this to a guardian just today:

“The normal young person is 15 going on 25 and 15 going on 5, all in the meantime.”
Remember that thought, and you will do well as the guardian of an adolescent.

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