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Aug 04

Every Case Is Defensible

A society truly thrives when the people have faith in the legal system which delivers justice irrespective of the people involved in the cases, and the level of complications that the courts may face. Laws have been part of human civilization since the beginning of times.The most punctual original copies that can be followed back …

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Jul 21

Required Disclosures When Selling

There are certain statutory disclosures including local ordinances and federal laws that a San Fernando Valley seller and/or their San Fernando Valley Realtor must comply with and provide to the buyer, subject to certain exemptions. These revelations are required regarding the deal, exchange or trade, lease with alternative to buy, and ground lease of private …

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Jun 30

Practicing the Law of Attraction

You may have become familiar with the universal principle, the Law of Attraction, through the hit DVD, The Secret, or perhaps, like myself, you have be on a road to self-discovery and spiritual awareness for some time and know first-hand how your thoughts can create the world around you. How ever you came to know …

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Jun 09

Dealing With Personal Injury Cases With Right Steps

Most of us have seen people go through a personal injury, and as sad and disappointing as it may sound, many victims do not seek legal help. A personal injury case can typically be a case of negligence, and when you are sure that someone is responsible for your condition, it only makes sense to …

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