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Jul 14

How Long Are You Considered an “Adolescent”?

Adolescence is the period between being a child and being an adult. It is primarily a biological period when the body is creating the ability to reproduce by releasing chemicals and hormones. Pre-youthfulness is the point at which the body is being set up for those chemicals and hormones. It has additionally turned into a …

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Jun 23

Statute Of Limitations In Personal Injury Law

When someone is injured due to the negligent or intentional behavior of another person or party, the victim and his or her family may be able to pursue financial compensation. This is done by a personal injury lawyer who works to settle out of court with the responsible party, or who delivers the case in …

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Jun 16

Parenting Tips: A is for Adolescence

When I first started out in private practice twenty years ago, I would often here people say to me “Jeff, you are really good at working with teenagers.” What’s more, I would contemplate internally “Well, much appreciated, and I inhale well as well.” I found that most specialists either don’t care for working with youngsters …

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Jun 09

Dealing With Personal Injury Cases With Right Steps

Most of us have seen people go through a personal injury, and as sad and disappointing as it may sound, many victims do not seek legal help. A personal injury case can typically be a case of negligence, and when you are sure that someone is responsible for your condition, it only makes sense to …

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